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What animals are offered by hunting outfitters in Canada? Hunting outfitters in Canada offer most all species that strive in northern climates. One of the most popular big game species in Canada is the "Caribou". Unique to northern climates, this animal roams in nearly every province of the country. Moose is common in Newfoundland, British Columbia, Alberta, and Northern Ontario. In fact Newfoundland, Canada has the largest moose population in North America. White tail deer of New Brunswick and Saskatchewan are considered to be some of the largest in the world. Black Bear is common in nearly all provinces but Brown Bear (Grizzly) are most common in British Columbia, Alberta, Yukon and Northwest Territories.

What are the hunting lodges like? Canadian hunting lodges vary significantly from province to province, outfitter to outfitter, and even hunting area to hunting area. The most modern hunting lodges are typically located for easy access. In other words, the remoteness of the lodge often indicates how modern it is. Generally speaking, hunting lodges that offer fishing in addition to hunting are more modern since the operating season is longer. However, there are hunting lodges in Canada that operate only six weeks per year but offer some of the finest of accommodations in the world.

Hunting Is A Vital Part Of Canadian/American Culture
Hunting is an important and traditional recreational activity in which 20,000,000 Americans 16 years old and older participate. Hunters have been and continue to be among the foremost supporters of sound wildlife management and conservation practices in the United States and Canada. Hunters and organizations related to hunting provide direct assistance to wildlife managers and enforcement officers at all levels of government. Hunting is an essential component of effective wildlife management, in that it tends to reduce conflicts between people and wildlife and provides incentives for the conservation of wildlife habitats and ecosystems on which wildlife depends. Through legislative programs designed to channel funds back into the conservation process, hunters have restored populations of deer, moose, caribou, elk, antelope, turkeys and ducks to record numbers.

Hunting contributes over $30 billion to the economy each year, supporting over 1,000,000 jobs in the United States and Canada. (National Shooting Sports Foundation) Hunting provides food for people. For nearly a decade, hunters have provided thousands of pounds of game meat through donation programs such as Hunters Sharing the Harvest and Hunters for the Hungry. Hunting helps manage animal populations resulting in less human/animal traffic accidents.

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Cy Decoss Whitetail Deer Book
Cy Decoss Whitetail Deer Book

For information regarding bringing your firearms and ammunition into Canada, and your trophy and meat back into the United States, follow the links below:

Specific entry points and times to cross border to USA with wild meat.

(United States - Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS))

Non-resident Firearm Declaration Form CAFC 909

Non-resident Firearm Declaration Form Continuation CAFC 910 (Bringing more than three firearms)

Canadian and USA Governments on Hunting Outfitters


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